NGK SPARK PLUG #2095/10 2095-atv motorcycle utv parts accessories gear helmets jackets gloves pantsAll Terrain Depot
NGK SPARK PLUG #2095/10 2095-atv motorcycle utv parts accessories gear helmets jackets gloves pantsAll Terrain Depot
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NGK SPARK PLUG #2095/10 2095



  • Listed price is for individual spark plug
  • Spark plugs sold individually
  • To receive box, order listed box quantity


Make Model Year
BMW R1150R 2001
BMW R1150R 2002
BMW R1150R 2003
BMW R1150R 2004
BMW R1150R 2005
BMW R1150R 2006
BMW R1150R Rockster 2002
BMW R1150R Rockster 2003
BMW R1150R Rockster 2004
BMW R1150R Rockster 2005
BMW R1150R Rockster 2006
BMW R1100S 1999
BMW R1100S 2000
BMW R1100S 2001
BMW R1100S 2002
BMW R1100S 2003
BMW R1100S 2004
BMW R1100S 2005
BMW R1100S 1998
BMW R1100S ABS 1999
BMW R1100S ABS 2002
BMW R1100S ABS 2004
BMW R1100S ABS 2005
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica 2003
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica 2004
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica 2005
BMW R1150GS Adventure 2003
BMW R1150GS Adventure 2004
BMW R1150GS Adventure 2005
BMW R1150RT 2001
BMW R1150RT 2002
BMW R1150RT 2003
BMW R1150RT 2004
BMW R1150RT 2005
BMW R1200C Classic 1997
BMW R1200C Classic 1998
BMW R1200C Classic 1999
BMW R1200C Classic 2000
BMW R1200C Classic 2001
BMW R1200C Classic 2002
BMW R1200C Classic 2004
BMW R1200C Classic 2005
BMW R1200C Classic 1996
BMW R1200C Montauk 2004
BMW R1200C Montauk 2005
BMW R1200C Montauk 2003
BMW R1200CL 2005
BMW R1200CL 2006
BMW R1200CL 2002
BMW R1200CL 2003
BMW R1200CL 2004
BMW R1150GS 1999
BMW R1150GS 2000
BMW R1150GS 2001
BMW R1150GS 2002
BMW R1150GS 2003
BMW R1150GS 2004
BMW R1150RS 2002
BMW R1150RS 2003
BMW R1150RS 2004
BMW R1150RS 2001
BMW R1200C Independent 2000
BMW R1200C Independent 2001
BMW R1200C Independent 2002
BMW R1200C Independent 2003
BMW R1200C Independent 2004
BMW R1200C Avantgarde 2000
BMW R1200C Avantgarde 2001
BMW R1200C Avantgarde 2002
BMW R1200C Avantgarde 2003
BMW R1200C Montana 2001
BMW R1200C Montana 2002
BMW R1200C Montana 2003
BMW R1200C Montana 2000
BMW R850C Avantgarde 2000
BMW R850C Avantgarde 2001
BMW R850C Avantgarde 2002
BMW R850C Avantgarde 2003
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup 2002
BMW R1200C 1997
BMW R1200C 1998
BMW R1200C 1999
BMW R1200C 2000
BMW R1200C 2001
BMW R1200C 2002
BMW R1200C 2003
BMW R1200C Euro 2001
BMW R1200C Euro 2002
BMW R1200C Euro 2000
BMW R1200C Euro 1998
BMW R1200C Euro 1999
BMW R1200C Phoenix 2001
BMW R1200C Phoenix 2002
BMW R1200C Phoenix 2000
BMW R1100RS ABS 1994
BMW R1100RS ABS 1995
BMW R1100RS ABS 1996
BMW R1100RS ABS 1997
BMW R1100RS ABS 1998
BMW R1100RS ABS 1999
BMW R1100RS ABS 2000
BMW R1100RS ABS 2001
BMW R1100RT 1996
BMW R1100RT 1997
BMW R1100RT 1998
BMW R1100RT 1999
BMW R1100RT 2000
BMW R1100RT 2001
BMW R1100RT 1994
BMW R1100RT 1995
BMW R1200C Stiletto 2001
BMW R850C Classic 1999
BMW R850C Classic 2000
BMW R850C Classic 2001
BMW R850C Classic 1997
BMW R850C Classic 1998
BMW R850C Classic 1996
BMW R850C Euro 2000
BMW R850C Euro 2001
BMW R850R 1995
BMW R850R 1996
BMW R850R 1997
BMW R850R 1998
BMW R850R 1999
BMW R850R 2000
BMW R850R 2001
BMW R1100R 1995
BMW R1100R 1996
BMW R1100R 1997
BMW R1100R 1998
BMW R1100R 1999
BMW R1100R 2000
BMW R1100R 2001
BMW R1100R 1994
BMW R1100RT SE 2000
BMW R1100GS ABS 1995
BMW R1100GS ABS 1996
BMW R1100GS ABS 1997
BMW R1100GS ABS 1998
BMW R1100GS ABS 1999
BMW R1100GS SE 1999
BMW R1100R SE 1999
BMW R1100RTL 1996
BMW R1100RTL 1997
BMW R850R Special Edition 1997
BMW R1100RSL 1994
BMW R1100RSL 1995
BMW R1100RSL 1996
BMW R850R Abs 1996
BMW R1100GS 1995
BMW R1100GS 1996
BMW R1100GS 1997
BMW R1100GS 1998
BMW R1100GS 1999
BMW R1100GS 1994
BMW R1100RS 1993
BMW R1100RS 1994
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