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  • The MX-S is a high performance race pad with superb durability similar to that of the "R" range of pads but with a slightly higher friction level, fade resistance, and diamond ground surface finish to speed bed-in

EBC Brakes offer a full line of brake pads and brake shoes for most street and dirt bikes and ATVs.


Make Model Year
Honda TRX420FA1 Rancher 4x4 AT DCT [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420FA1 Rancher 4x4 AT DCT [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420FA2 Rancher 4x4 AT DCT EPS [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420FA2 Rancher 4x4 AT DCT EPS [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420FE1 Rancher 4x4 ES [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420FE1 Rancher 4x4 ES [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420FM1 Rancher 4x4 [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420FM1 Rancher 4x4 [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420FM2 Rancher 4x4 w/PS [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420FM2 Rancher 4x4 w/PS [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420TE1 Rancher ES [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420TE1 Rancher ES [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX420TM1 Rancher [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX420TM1 Rancher [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX500FE1 Foreman 4X4 ES [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX500FE1 Foreman 4X4 ES [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX500FE2 Foreman 4X4 ES EPS [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX500FE2 Foreman 4X4 ES EPS [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX500FM1 Foreman 4X4 [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX500FM1 Foreman 4X4 [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX500FM2 Foreman 4X4 w/PS [SRA] 2014
Honda TRX500FM2 Foreman 4X4 w/PS [SRA] 2015
Honda TRX500FM5 Rubicon 4X4 [IRS] 2015
Honda TRX500FM6 Rubicon 4X4 EPS [IRS] 2015
Honda TRX500FA5 Rubicon 4X4 Auto DCT [IRS] 2015
Honda TRX500FA6 Rubicon 4X4 Auto DCT EPS [IRS] 2015
Bennche Gray Wolf 500 2015
Bennche Gray Wolf 500 2016
Bennche Gray Wolf 700 2015
Bennche Gray Wolf 700 2016
Kawasaki KLX140G 2017
Yamaha YFM125R Raptor 2011
Yamaha YFM125R Raptor 2012
Yamaha YFM125R Raptor 2013
Honda TRX400X 2012
Honda TRX400X 2013
Arctic Cat 400 DVX 2006
Arctic Cat 400 DVX 2007
Arctic Cat 400 DVX 2008
Arctic Cat 400 DVX 2004
Arctic Cat 400 DVX 2005
Arctic Cat 400 DVX TS 2006
Arctic Cat 400 DVX TS 2007
Honda CR80RB Expert 1996
Honda CR80RB Expert 1997
Honda CR80RB Expert 1998
Honda CR80RB Expert 1999
Honda CR80RB Expert 2000
Honda CR80RB Expert 2001
Honda CR80RB Expert 2002
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2001
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2002
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2003
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2004
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2005
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2006
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2007
Honda TRX250EX Sportrax 2008
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1993
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1994
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1995
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1996
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1997
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1998
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 1999
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2000
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2001
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2002
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2003
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2004
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2005
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2006
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2007
Honda TRX300EX Sportrax 2008
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 1999
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2000
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2001
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2002
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2003
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2004
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2005
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2006
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2007
Honda TRX400EX Sportrax 2008
Honda TRX500FE Foreman 4X4 ES [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX500FM Foreman 4X4 [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX500FM Foreman 4X4 [SRA] 2013
Honda TRX500FPE Foreman 4X4 ES w/PS [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX500FPM Rubicon 4X4 w/PS [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2007
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2008
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2009
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2010
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2011
Honda TRX420FE Rancher ES [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX250X 1987
Honda TRX250X 1988
Honda TRX250X 1991
Honda TRX250X 1992
Honda TRX250X 2009
Honda TRX250X 2011
Honda TRX250X 2012
Honda TRX250X 2013
Honda TRX420FPA Rancher w/PS [IRS] 2009
Honda TRX420FPA Rancher w/PS [IRS] 2010
Honda TRX420FPA Rancher w/PS [IRS] 2011
Honda TRX420FPA Rancher w/PS [IRS] 2012
Honda ATC200X 1983
Honda ATC200X 1984
Honda ATC200X 1985
Honda ATC200X 1986
Honda ATC200X 1987
Honda ATC250R 1983
Honda ATC250R 1984
Honda TRX420FPE Rancher ES w/PS [SRA] 2009
Honda TRX420FPE Rancher ES w/PS [SRA] 2010
Honda TRX420FPE Rancher ES w/PS [SRA] 2011
Honda TRX420FPE Rancher ES w/PS [SRA] 2012
Honda ATC350X 1985
Honda ATC350X 1986
Honda TRX420FPM Rancher w/PS [SRA] 2009
Honda TRX420FPM Rancher w/PS [SRA] 2010
Honda TRX420FPM Rancher w/PS [SRA] 2011
Honda TRX420FPM Rancher w/PS [SRA] 2012
Honda CRF150R 2007
Honda CRF150R 2008
Honda CRF150R 2009
Honda CRF150R 2012
Honda CRF150R 2013
Honda CRF150R 2014
Honda CRF150R 2015
Honda CRF150R 2016
Honda CRF150R 2017
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2007
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2008
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2009
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2012
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2013
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2014
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2015
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2016
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2017
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2007
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2008
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2009
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2010
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2011
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX420TE Rancher ES [SRA] 2013
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2007
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2008
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2009
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2010
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2011
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2012
Honda TRX420TM Rancher [SRA] 2013
Honda CR85R 2003
Honda CR85R 2004
Honda CR85R 2005
Honda CR85R 2006
Honda CR85R 2007
Honda CR85RB Expert 2003
Honda CR85RB Expert 2004
Honda CR85RB Expert 2005
Honda CR85RB Expert 2006
Honda CR85RB Expert 2007
Honda CR80R 1996
Honda CR80R 1997
Honda CR80R 1998
Honda CR80R 1999
Honda CR80R 2000
Honda CR80R 2001
Honda CR80R 2002
Honda CR80R 1986
Honda CR80R 1987
Honda CR80R 1988
Honda CR80R 1989
Honda CR80R 1990
Honda CR80R 1991
Honda CR80R 1992
Honda CR80R 1993
Honda CR80R 1994
Honda CR80R 1995
Kawasaki KFX 400 2003
Kawasaki KFX 400 2004
Kawasaki KFX 400 2005
Kawasaki KLX110 2006
Kawasaki KLX110 2007
Kawasaki KLX110 2008
Kawasaki KLX110 2009
Kawasaki KLX110 2002
Kawasaki KLX110 2003
Kawasaki KLX110 2004
Kawasaki KLX110 2005
Kawasaki KLX110 2010
Kawasaki KLX110 2011
Kawasaki KLX110 2012
Kawasaki KLX110 2013
Kawasaki KX85 2001
Kawasaki KX85 2002
Kawasaki KX85 2003
Kawasaki KX85 2004
Kawasaki KX85 2005
Kawasaki KX85 2006
Kawasaki KX85 2007
Kawasaki KX85 2008
Kawasaki KX85 2009
Kawasaki KX85 2010
Kawasaki KX85 2011
Kawasaki KX85 2012
Kawasaki KX85 2013
Kawasaki KX85 2014
Kawasaki KX85 2015
Kawasaki KX85 2016
Kawasaki KX85 2017
Kawasaki KLX140 2008
Kawasaki KLX140 2009
Kawasaki KLX140 2011
Kawasaki KLX140 2012
Kawasaki KLX140 2013
Kawasaki KLX140 2014
Kawasaki KLX140 2015
Kawasaki KLX140 2016
Kawasaki KLX140 2017
Kawasaki KLX140L 2008
Kawasaki KLX140L 2009
Kawasaki KLX140L 2011
Kawasaki KLX140L 2012
Kawasaki KLX140L 2013
Kawasaki KLX140L 2014
Kawasaki KLX140L 2015
Kawasaki KLX140L 2016
Kawasaki KLX140L 2017
Kawasaki KX100 1995
Kawasaki KX100 1996
Kawasaki KX100 1997
Kawasaki KX100 1998
Kawasaki KX100 1999
Kawasaki KX100 2000
Kawasaki KX100 2001
Kawasaki KX100 2002
Kawasaki KX100 2003
Kawasaki KX100 2004
Kawasaki KX100 2005
Kawasaki KX100 2006
Kawasaki KX100 2007
Kawasaki KX100 2008
Kawasaki KX100 2009
Kawasaki KX100 2011
Kawasaki KX100 2012
Kawasaki KX100 2013
Kawasaki KX100 2014
Kawasaki KX100 2015
Kawasaki KX100 2016
Kawasaki KX100 2017
Kawasaki KFX 450R 2008
Kawasaki KFX 450R 2009
Kawasaki KFX 450R 2010
Kawasaki KFX 450R 2011
Kawasaki KX80 1988
Kawasaki KX80 1989
Kawasaki KX80 1990
Kawasaki KX80 1991
Kawasaki KX80 1992
Kawasaki KX80 1993
Kawasaki KX80 1994
Kawasaki KX80 1995
Kawasaki KX80 1996
Kawasaki KX80 1997
Kawasaki KX80 1998
Kawasaki KX80 1999
Kawasaki KX80 2000
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1988
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1989
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1990
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1991
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1992
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1993
Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel 1994
Suzuki RM100 2003
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2003
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2004
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2005
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2006
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2007
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2008
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2009
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2012
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2013
Suzuki Lt-Z400 QuadSport Z 2014
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2008
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2009
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2010
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2011
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2012
Yamaha YFM250R Raptor 2013
Yamaha YFZ450 2004
Yamaha YFZ450 2005
Yamaha YFM250RSE Raptor SE 2008
Yamaha YFM250RSE2 Raptor SE Custom 2008
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2004
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2005
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2006
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2007
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2008
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2009
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2010
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2011
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2012
Yamaha YFM350R Raptor 2013
Honda CRF150R 2018
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2018
Kawasaki KX85 2018
Kawasaki KLX140 2018
Kawasaki KLX140G 2018
Kawasaki KLX140L 2018
Honda CRF150R 2019
Honda CRF150RB Expert 2019
Kawasaki KLX140 2019
Kawasaki KLX140G 2019
Kawasaki KLX140L 2019
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